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At Frederick Remodeling Co, we’re of the belief that your home is a sanctuary – a haven for you to feel at peace in. But as comfortable as it may be, every once in a while, changes are required. 

Something as small as a change of cabinet knobs to as big as replacing the carpeting can alter the look of your home. That’s exactly what we’re here to assist you with. Having countless experiences in kitchen and bath remodeling Frederick MD, we’ve gained sufficient expertise to perfect your abode’s aesthetic.

In our dedication to making your homes look just the way you want them to, we provide a streamlined experience that doesn’t involve hiccups or mishaps along the way. Since our focus is primarily on customer satisfaction, we understand your precise needs and work accordingly. 

Moreover, we make it a priority to only use high-quality materials so that you don’t need a remodel for decades to come. In doing this, we stick to your budget, giving you peace of mind while altering your home’s visual appeal for good.

Our Process

Whether you hire us for kitchen and bath remodeling Frederick MD, our process encompasses the same basic steps.

kitchen remodel Frederick

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  1. Design.

    We understand that most homeowners are inexperienced in terms of interior design and aesthetics. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to recommend the right designs for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. 

    Besides keeping the design aligned to your budget, we also ensure that it’s on par with your sense of style.

  2. Planning.

    Once you’ve selected the design for the remodel, we start planning the process. We handle everything from site work and landscaping to inspections and permits. While we do this, we also keep you in the loop, updating you about the real-time progress.

  3. Budgeting.

    A bathroom remodel Frederick or a Frederick kitchen remodel project aren’t exactly easy on the pocket. However, our extensive expertise allows us to stay on budget while choosing quality materials and staff for the job.

Services We Offer

Our services span over the most important rooms in the house; the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. As one of the kitchen remodelers Frederick MD, we proudly reminisce over the time when we began offering our services, and kitchens were our initial feats. 

Since then, our remodeling solutions have expanded, and we now offer the following services for residential spaces.

Your kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that you use every day and sometimes for hours at end. Therefore, we keenly understand your requirements so that we can make this place a comfort zone for you. 

From your previous kitchen to a brand new one, the following steps make up the process: 

  • Consultation: Every Frederick kitchen remodeling project we take on begins with a consultation. During this session, you talk to us about your desired vibe, style, or theme for the kitchen. 
  • Designing: Once we have an insight into what you want your kitchen to look like, we get aboard and help bring your imagination to life. 
  • Cabinets: Cabinets tie the whole kitchen together, and we give them the utmost priority during a kitchen remodel Frederick MD. If you have anything specific in mind, like custom kitchen cabinets, this is where you share it with us. Or, you can let our expert do their magic.
  • Countertops: Speaking of cabinets, we also discuss countertops since this is where most of the culinary action takes place. You may opt for the refinishing of your current countertops or want to replace them with new ones. 
  • Flooring: Kitchen flooring is an important aspect of any kitchen remodel Frederick MD because the room is subjected to moisture, heat, and grease. Thus, we offer different options, making it easier for you to choose the most suitable flooring for your kitchen. 
  • Appliances: Are you planning a full remodel with new appliances and cookware? Or, do you want to keep using your existing kitchen appliances? 
  • Demolition: After you’ve decided everything, our kitchen remodelers Frederick MD get to work. In this step, we strip your old kitchen of everything you want to replace. 
  • Rebuilding: Here’s when the actual remodeling happens. We change the flooring, cabinets, tiles, sinks, appliances, and everything else you wanted to replace while keeping you updated with our progress. 
  • Finishing: Your kitchen is almost ready at this point. We go in one last time to fulfill any last-time requests, clean up space, and add required finishing touches. 

Viola! Your brand new kitchen is ready now. 

Our kitchen remodelers Frederick MD focus on turning your dream kitchen into a real space that you can work in every single day. Since we want to achieve your desired look, we work according to an individualized plan for every client. 

If you’re not fully clear on the changes you want to make, we offer assistance for that too. Over the years, we’re compiled plenty of designs and kitchen looks that you can select from for your Frederick kitchen remodel. 

Whether it’s for a guest bath or your master bathroom, our Frederick bathroom remodeling is done by professionals. Having remodeled multiple bathrooms over the years, we’ve come to the realization that bathrooms need to be just as accommodating and comfortable as any other room in the house. 

We offer everything from small upgrades like changing the fixture to comprehensive upgrades involving the floor tiles, walls, and lighting. Keeping in line with our customer-centric approach, we consult your design ideas before a bathroom remodel Frederick. 

While you give us a general overview of how you want your bathroom to look like, we translate your vision finely into an exquisite space for your relaxation. A bathroom is often the first space you visit in the morning and the last one you go to at night. 

Thus, it needs to be just as aesthetic and pleasing as any other part of your home. That’s exactly what we strive to achieve during a bathroom remodel Frederick. 

bathroom remodeling Frederick MD
bathroom remodeling Frederick MD
bathroom remodeling Frederick MD

Here are the design elements we discuss with you during our initial consultation: 

    • Cabinets: To ensure that you have sufficient bathroom storage space, we start by discussing the cabinets. Do you want to go with the existing ones, or would you want them to match your new paint, wall tiles, or countertops?
    • Other Storage: Apart from cabinets, you can also opt for other storage options like wicker baskets and towel ladders. 
    • Countertops: Choosing the right countertops for your bath remodeling Frederick MD is crucial since this is where your toiletries and fixtures go. We help you select quality material that withstands regular exposure to moisture. 
    • Shower: During our consultation, we also ask you about the shower remodel. Do you merely want to replace the water fixtures or get new flooring and doors for the shower too? 
    • Bathtub: Having a bathtub in your master bedroom is the perfect way to relax after a tiring day. Discuss your bathtub needs or preferences with us during the consultation. 
    • Lighting: The lighting in your bathroom sets the whole mood. Do you want something contemporary and minimalist, or would you rather prefer a brighter interior? We have all options. 
    • Mirrors: The mirror is possibly the first thing anyone notices when walking into a bathroom. Stun your guests by choosing a grandeur-exuding mirror with polished rims for your bathroom. 
    • Wall and Flooring: To some extent, every other element in your bathroom must go perfectly with the floor tiles and wall paint. That’s why we ensure these choices to be a part of every bathroom remodeling Frederick MD consultation.

Whether you’re looking for bathroom remodel Frederick or kitchen remodeling Frederick MD – look no further! We can take care of all of your remodeling needs.

Chilly, dark, and often cluttered with unwanted things, basements are definitely the most daunting space in your room. But they don’t remain this way once we remodel them.

Besides integrating its look to the rest of your home, we can also remodel your basement to make it a valuable asset to your living space. Do you want to convert it into an at-home office? Or would you prefer making it a room for your gym equipment and Peloton? 

In our experience, we have also found basements to be a nice room for the family to relax or a storage unit for small businesses clients run from home. Whatever you plan to do with your basement, we’re just a call away. 

basement remodeling Frederick

We’re highly trusted basement remodelers Frederick for the following reasons: 

Timely Completion

Living on a construction site is never comfortable, and we fully understand that. Thus, we finish your basement remodeling Frederick MD project in the shortest time so that you can enjoy your homely peace. 

In Sync With Your Aesthetic

Remodeling the basements can be a bit tricky since there’s a huge area to work with. Our home remodeling contractors Frederick MD, however, have mastered this skill, and they know how to transform this dump of space into a fully functional room. 


Most homeowners only plan a basement remodel when they’re short on space on the top or need extra room for work, recreation, or storage. At Frederick Remodeling Co, we aspire to make our client’s visions come to life. 

To ensure that, we offer market-competitive rates so that you never have to put off a basement remodeling Frederick MD project. 

kitchen remodeling Frederick MD
bathroom remodel Frederick
basement remodelers Frederick

Before you kick off a home remodeling Frederick MD project, you should be aware of these tips to mitigate mistakes and problems. 

Make a Realistic Budget 

You must have a comprehensive understanding of the pricing and how it ties in with the dream design you have for your kitchen or bath remodeling Frederick MD. Apart from the labor, you also have to count the material costs and leave some room for fluctuations. 

Lucky for you, our team at Frederick Remodeling Co is a budgeting pro, and we help you come to a realistic budget. 

Have a Vision 

It’s important to have some degree of vision because there’s only too much that you can leave to the imagination. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram. If you’re a bit lost, our team can help you get back on track. 

Prepare for the Discomfort 

Besides being the most uncomfortable parts of the remodel, demolition and rebuilding are also inevitable processes. Be prepared to bear the noise, dirt, and dust flying around the house for the duration of the remodel. 

However, we ensure to keep the discomfort at the minimum so that your place is still liveable enough for you. 

For more information about our services and solutions, fill in our contact form or give us a call. 

Why Choose Us?

When choosing home remodeling contractors Frederick MD, you need to take your time to come to a decision. Otherwise, you might end up with contractors who keep you in the dark during the whole remodeling process, and you later discover bathroom tiles on your kitchen walls. 

At Frederick Remodeling Co, we’re bent on communicating every update and decision with you. Moreover, we also have a strong-knit communication system in our team to avoid construction delays.

In short, everyone from our designers to the builders is on the same page. Here are some other reasons for giving us a call today for your remodel consultation. 

kitchen remodeling Frederick
  1. Cost-Effective Remodeling.

    Time is money, and it couldn’t be truer for any project than construction. When the timeline keeps expanding due to surprises or construction mishaps, budget concerns are bound to arise. 

    However, we plan everything ahead of time to ensure nothing of this sort happens. Instead, we do everything according to the budget, from selecting the material to planning a day at the remodeling site.

  2. Quality Results.

    Unfortunately, many homeowners associate lower costs with poor results because that’s the culture most contractors have set. However, we’re here to prove the notion wrong by providing quality results at matchless prices. 

    We can proudly say that our clients never need a rework on their bathrooms, kitchens, or basements once we’re done remodeling them. That’s because we get it right at the first attempt.

  3. Experienced Staff.

    Our staff is a representation of our mission and vision. Thus, we’ve curated our team by hiring only the most professionally-equipped and well-trained workers. While it adds to our pride, it also offers our clients peace of mind in terms of their satisfaction and on-time work completion. 

Get in touch with our team of home remodeling contractors Frederick MD today to begin your home remodeling Frederick MD!

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